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K Brown auto repairs Gold service, road test

K Brown Auto Repairs Gold Service Check, Engine

  1. Oil and filter change*
  2. Check operation of interior & exterior lights
  3. Check horn operation
  4. Check windscreen wiper & washer operation
  5. Top up Windscreen fluid if required
  6. Check coolant level/Anti-freeze strength & advise
  7. Check coolant hoses for leaks and condition
  8. Top up coolant level if required
  9. Check power steering fluid/Top up if required
  10. Check for oil leaks
  11. Check for fuel leaks

K Brown Auto Repairs gold service checks, brakes

  1. Test brake fluid strength – advise/top up
  2. Check brake servo operation
  3. Visual inspection of brakes/advise of wear and time of re-inspection
  4. Visual inspection of calipers/wheel cylinders/brake pipes and hoses
  5. Check operation of handbrake and advise

K Brown Auto Repairs Gold Service Checks, Suspension

  1. Check wheel bearings for any play or noise
  2. Check condition of road springs
  3. Check steering joints
  4. Check steering rack/box
  5. Check PAS hoses
  6. Check steering column
  7. Check suspension joints/seals/gaiters
  8. Check shock absorbers/mountings


K Brown Auto Repairs Gold Service Checks, Exhaust
  1. Inspect condition of exhaust and mountings
K Brown Auto Repairs, Gold Service Checks, Drive System
  1. Check clutch operation/condition of cable where visible
  2. Check for transmission leaks
K Brown Auto Repairs, Gold Service Checks- tyres
  1. Check tyre condition/tread depth including spare.
  2. Check and adjust tyre pressures including spare
  3. Check wheel nut torque to managacture spec
K Brown Auto Repairs Gold Service Checks, Battery
  1. Check and clean terminals
  2. Check battery condition
K Brown Auto Repairs Gold Service Checks, additional to bronze & Additional to Bronze
  1. Check cambelt history
  2. Reset service light and stamp book
  3. Check heater controls
  4. Lubricate locks, hinges and catches
  5. Check function of Air-con/advise
  6. Replace Air filter
  7. Check and clean HT leads and components (if fitted)
  8. Visual inspection of fuel system
  9. Adjust handbrake if required
  10. Check driveshaft gaiters/report any leaks
  11. Check gearbox fluid level
K Brown Auto Repairs Gold Service Checks, additional to silver
  1. Replace fuel filter**
  2. Replace spark plugs***
  3. Strip and clean, service front brakes
  4. Strip and clean, service rear brakes
*Up to 5 litres of semi synthetic oil/Fully synthetic and specials oils at extra cost. **Externally fitted only/long life at extra cost. ***Long life and platinum plugs at extra cost.

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