Coronavirus Update 27/03/2020

Dear customers,  

We hope you are all safe and well at this worrying time.  Please continue to follow government advice and only go out when necessary.

The following information is true of what is happening at the moment with regards to the effect of the coronavirus on our business and we will continue to update this as and when things change.

Are the garages still open?

We are planning to stay open for as long as the government is advising we do so.  

At the moment, we are being classed as an essential service, staying operational to maintain the vehicles of keyworkers at this time so they may continue to carry out their services. As long as we can purchase the parts we need, we will stay open.  

How are you keeping your staff and customers safe?

To try and reduce the spread of the virus, and protect both our customers and staff, we have put several strict safety measures in place such as: 

  • Thoroughly wiping down car interiors before returning to the customer; cleaning steering wheels, gear sticks and handbrakes before and after every service
  • Wiping down car keys before and after use
  • Using disposable gloves in our workshops 
  • Practising social distancing in our receptions from both our customers and each other 
  • Only accepting card payments
  • Wiping down credit card machines after each use

Are you open to all customers?

During this time, we will be prioritising key worker’s cars, so please inform us if you fall into this category. We are still open to other people should work be necessary.

If possible, we will collect and deliver cars to customers in ‘lockdown’ or self-isolation should they need to use them once able to.  

Are you still open for MOTs?

We are still open for anyone that needs to get their car repaired or MOT’d.

The government has kindly given everyone an extra 6 months to get their car MOT’d if it is due after the 30th March.

If you choose to take advantage of this, you will need to get your car MOT’d before 30th September, not after.

We advise you to bear the following in mind:

  • Your car must be roadworthy to be safe and legal. An MOT test can give you the reassurance of this.
  • If you leave your MOT test until close to the extended due date (30th September) you may be one of many and therefore struggle to get this done in time, causing your vehicle to be undrivable.
  • The Government are offering this mostly for keyworkers or people who are caring for others and may not have the time right now.
  • This extension is also to give people currently in self-isolation the chance to get it done at a later date.

For more clarification please visit

My main dealer is closed. What do I do?

As most of the main dealer garages are now temporarily closed, many people are worried about how to keep their car maintained.

We can service any car of any age and keep your warranty valid.

We have dealer level technology for BMW, MERC, VW, AUDI, JAGUAR and all FRENCH cars and diagnostic capability for all other models.

Our technicians are highly qualified and our business has been open 25 years, with over 30 years experience in the industry.

If you’re concerned about anything mentioned above, or have any questions about how we are operating, please either message us on Facebook or contact us using the following information:  

King’s Lynn: 01553 763763 

Hunstanton: 01485 533786