Discover a Very Different Approach to Car Servicing

With totally honest advice and completely transparent pricing, K Brown Auto Repairs 

offers the service you and your car deserves.

For over 25 years, people have been bringing their cars to K Brown Auto Repairs time after time for all their servicing and MOT needs – and for a very good reason. Because Keith and Tamsin Brown have always been comitted to ensuring their centres at King’s Lynn and Hunstanton are welcoming and reassuring – and full of friendly and approachable staff. Which makes a refreshing change to an experience that can often be intimidating.

” We recently had to make a special journey to help my daughter because she had a puncture adnd was too nervous to visit a garage,” says Tamsin. ” Even though her parents own two repair centres and she’s used to that environment, she felt she couldn’t do that alone as a woman. I think that says a lot about the industry’s general appraoch to customer service.”

At K Brown Auto Repairs, you won’t have to worry about being taken advantage of by mechanical ‘experts’ with some sort of ‘superior’ knowledge. No one will tell you that you need a new tyre. brakes or part of your suspension if the reality is that they can last a bit longer. And you’ll never have to be concerned with receiving the bill for work that’s driven by sales targets rather than honest recommendations.

“Our success has been built on completely honest and trustworthy advice,” says Tamsin. “If your brakes are starting to wear, for example, we’ll give you a realistic idea of when they’ll need some attention. What we certainly won’t do is tell you they need replacing immediately – which is the kind of ‘service’ that gives the industry such a bad name.”

At K Brown Auto Repairs, there’s no need to feel unnerved about having your car serviced or feel worried about taking recommendations ‘on faith’ – becasue a team of trained staff will be happy to reassure you and explain any technical details in helpful, simple terminology.

It’s the honest and reliable service that you and your car deserve. “It’s our job to establish the root cause of the code in question rather than doing unnecessary and costly work,” says Keith. “We’ve invested heavily in diagnostic equipment over the last few years, and it maintains our dealer-level facilities for the most popular makes of vehicle – and our independent status.”

With a famously friendly service and a totally open pricing policy, K Brown Auto Repairs is everything you and your car has been looking for.

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