Editorial May ’19

The KL Magazine are a local magazine based around celebrating and supporting all things Norfolk. We feature in the magazine every month, whether that be in advert form or as an informative editorial. Next months read is all about those worry-inducing warning lights that pop up on the dashboard of your car…


30,000 different codes and one sensible solution

Just because your car displays a warning light doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road, as Keith Brown of K Brown Auto Repairs explains…

We’ve all been there. A mysterious symbol lights up on your dashboard telling you there’s a problem with your car somewhere, and the obvious solution is to take it to the nearest garage, have them scan the vehicle and fix the problem as quickly as possible. In many cases, however, it’s not quite as straightforward as that.

Turn the clock back 20 years, and your car would have had very limited computerised memory, and would only have had one or two electronic control units (ECUs). The car you’re driving now will have much more than that – some luxury models on the road today have over 20 separate ECUs and they can store as many as 30,000 different codes.

“Lot’s of people are aware of ECU codes, and will happily buy their own code reader for less than £10 on Amazon – but it’s important to realise that a simple bulb warning could be due to any number of reasons,” says Keith Brown of K Brown Auto Repairs in King’s Lynn and Hunstanton. “Some of them are very easy to remedy, but some of them are very serious and will require expert diagnosis.”

It’s surprising how many people ignore warning lights and codes – especially as new 2018 regulations meant that many of these could ultimately result in MOT failure and (at worst) breakdown. It’s also essential to realise that these mysterious codes are symptoms of a problem rather than the cause – and that’s where K Brown Auto Repairs come in.

“It’s our job to establish the root cause of the code in question rather than doing unnecessary and costly work,” says Keith. “We’ve invested heavily in diagnostic equipment over the last few years, and it maintains our dealer-level facilities for the most popular makes of vehicle – and our independent status.”

Through a logical testing procedure, K Brown Auto Repairs will fully scan the vehicle, interpret the possible causes and follow a diagnostic procedure to pinpoint the actual cause – and not the assumed or Googled cause. This saves fitting expensive parts unnecessarily, costing you time and money. It also gives K Brown Auto Repairs the confidence to guarantee their work and offer you the peace of mind that the problem is solved first time.

“There’s no legal requirement for frequent diagnostic checks,” says Keith, “but scanning your car can help identify minor issues before they become major problems – and can minimise the risk of you breaking down.”

With a famously friendly service and a totally open pricing policy, K Brown Auto Repairs is everything you and your car has been looking for.

Have you got a warning light on your dashboard you’d like to get to the bottom of? Contact us today to book your expert diagnosis.